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No8 Episode

John Platsidakis

In this interview Mr. Platsidakis describes us his personal story starting as a student of Mathematics and ‘leading his way’ through a series of ‘coincidences’ to be today one of the most influential people in the Shipping industry according to Lloyd’s List 100 Most Influential People.

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No7 Episode

George A. Tsavliris

Mr. George A. Tsavliris was born in London. He graduated from Athens College in 1968 and having acquired professional qualifications in Shipping (F.I.C.S., ACI.Arb), he concluded his graduate and post graduate studies in Shipping Law at University College London in 1973. He familiarized himself with the shipping and salvage sectors from a very early age by being engaged in the family business. Mr. George Tsavliris is a Principal at “Tsavliris Salvage Group” and represents the business on both a commercial and environmental basis internationally. Mr George Tsavliris was awarded the 2016 Capital Link Greek Shipping Leadership Award, in recognition of his unique and extensive contribution to Shipping and Greece and for his overall outstanding service to the shipping industry made by him individually, as a family and by his company as a Group. In Jan 2019, Mr Tsavliris received the Cyprus Environmental Award on behalf of CYMEPA by the President of the Cypriot Republic Mr Nikos Anastasiades and on March 12th, 2019, Mr Tsavliris was recognized with the Safety4Sea Leadership Award 2019 for his work with CYMEPA and other national & international organizations, toward the protection of 1st, the marine environment.
Mr. Tsavliris, in this interview he gave us last November, talks about the complexity of the Ship Salvage Industry, the project Adopt a Ship, the courage and strength one needs, in order to deal with shipping and most importantly he shares with us life philosophies through personal experiences in shipping industry. Enjoy listening!

No6 Episode

Theodoros Vokos

In this interview, Mr. Vokos describes how the Posidonia exhibition has evolved to what it is today, from the 1960s, and also gives us an overview of this year's Posidonia which is set to reach the maximum number of participations, since the beginning of the exhibition. 

We discuss the perspective of the Shipping Industry development in Greece, the unchanged love of the Greek shipowners for everything Greek, their admission to wanting Greece to be the most advanced shipowner country, while keeping the Greek character of the Shipping Management and offering jobs to as many Greeks as possible. 

As he tells us in his interview, “Timing” remains a key feature for the shipowners, which one would dare to say is passed on from generation to generation, making Greeks open new successful paths in the global Shipping Industry. 

In regards to the future of Posidonia, Mr. Vokos predicts that in the coming years, the uniqueness of Posidonia will become the Totem of the shipping exhibitions

No5 Episode

Giannis P. Dragnis

Mr. Dragnis, in the interview he gave us last September, talks about the Yachting industry and the leading position of Greece on the world map, the important advantages of working in the industry, as well as the ever-increasing presence of women in it.

In addition, we discussed the boat construction in Perama, the staffing of crews by Greeks, as well as the great development opportunities that Greek companies, offering yacht services, have.

Concluding, he pointed out the challenges of the industry and the importance of minimizing carbon dioxide limits in shipping, as well as the way in which the Greeks will provide the -next day- solution.

No4 Episode

George M. Foustanos

In this podcast, recorded in December, Mr. Foustanos talks about the motivation behind the creation of the online Greek Shipping Miracle and the impressive development of the Shipping Industry following World War II. In this Podcast, we look back at the history of shipping and the creation of the Greek Miracle and discuss about how the explosive growth of Greek shipowners has benefited several countries, especially Japan, which has since become a leading shipbuilding country.

No3 Episode

Costis J. Frangoulis

In the third episode of the Podcast we have the pleasure to host Costis J. Frangoulis, the Founder and CEO of Franman. He is discussing with us on the podcast about how the Frangoulis family’s course in Shipping started. The experience he gathered and his memories from his family’s connections with the late Stavros Niarchos. He also tell us about the characteristics of the Greek shipowners, which make them the most successful in the world and he finally talks about his work with the Propeller Club, Piraeus.

No2 Episode

Harry N. Vafias

In the second episode of the Podcast we have the pleasure to host Harry Vafias, who at the age of 27, led StealthGas at the stock market and thus, becoming the youngest CEO of any shipping company, listed in any stock market worldwide.

No1 Episode

Manolis Vordonis

On the first edition of this engrossing podcast on Greek Shipping, we are proud to invite Mr. Manolis Vordonis a leading executive for many decades on the Greek and global shipping.

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A sneak peak of our upcoming podcasts:


Mr. Stamatis Tsantanis is the Chairman and CEO of Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHIP). We will discuss with Mr. Tsantanis for his long experience in shipping and capital markets as well as his journey to success. Mr. Tsantanis joined Seanergy in 2012 and led its significant growth to a world renowned Capesize drybulk company of more than 3.0 million dwt.


Mr. Charalampos Simantonis is the president of Hellenic Shortsea Shipowner Association. Mr. Simantonis he recounts the beginning of the company from his father to his own steps in shipping and gives us the ingredient that contributes to the success of the new generation of shipowners.


The Greek Shipping Podcast was created out of our love for Τravel and Greek Shipping. During this monthly podcast we will be hearing stories and insights from key Greek shipping personalities as well as passing on essential messages to the audience.

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